Short films about science


A short documentary telling the unique story of Alex and his imprinted bearded vulture named Kajazo. Made in collaboration with the the VCF (Vulture Conservation Foundation).

Premiered on September 22nd, 2023 at Zumzeig Cinema in Barcelona, Spain

“Learning an Odor”

A science documentary about the development and inheritance of novel odor preferences in Bicyclus anynana caterpillars. The research paper was authored by V. Gowri at Antónia Monteiro’s lab in Singapore.

Film will be released in conjunction with original research paper later this year

Feature Documentaries

“Linea de Salida”

This documentary follows the journey of three recovering individuals who have been deeply impacted by a lifetime struggle with substance abuse. They’re prescribed an unconventional style of treatment. Running. We follow their journey from never having run more than a few kilometers, to training for the most challenging race of their lives – a half marathon in the Pyrenees mountains. Neither distance running, nor sobriety come easy. Can they keep themselves, and each other, on track?

Premiered on September 21st, 2023 at CINEMES GIRONA, Barcelona, Spain

Produced by OTOXO Productions and co-directed by Florence Piel, Paula Aguirre, Lacielle Galipeau, Mary Hanna, Hugues Joseph, Nikos Kefalas, Chloe Langmuir, Christina Lao, Mustafa Memis, Kristen Morison, Ruggero Ragonesi, Angus Webster, Priya Woods.

“Project 61”

This is a teaser trailer for a feature length documentary I will be shooting this coming summer following Aleksander Piotr Lingauer as he runs across Germany in 61 days.

Project 61 is currently in production. Expected release is early October

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