OTOXO Productions

Documentary Co-director

For a year I was a trainee at OTOXO Productions based in Barcelona. I was a co-director to the feature documentary Linea de Salida and was a part of all stages in production. Linea de Salida was premiered on September 26 2023, and has been submitted to multiple TV channels and festivals around Europe. OTOXO Productions also produced my short documentary, Kajazo, completely filmed by me as a solo project. 


Damsel (2024)

Sound Cable Assistant

For six weeks I was employed as a sound assistant for the Netflix film Damsel that was filmed in the north of Portugal. I worked with Will Whale and his sound team. My job was to manage all the sound equipment on set and occasionally act as a third boom operator. It gave me experience working on high budget productions, large sets and capturing sound. 


Progress Surf School

Social Media Photographer

In the summer of 2021 I volunteered with the surf school Progress in Ericeira, Portugal. In exchange for accommodation and surf lessons I would film social media videos and take many photos of their lessons for their instagram page and website. 


Dr. Jennifer Sheridan research team

Field Research Assistant

In the summer of 2016, I spent two months working for herpetologist Dr. Sheridan. I was carrying out her field work analysing the density and diversity of frog populations in the undisturbed and disturbed areas of Borneo.